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Pet Odor Removal – Carpet Cleaning

Does your home have an odor that leaves you embarrassed every time you have company over?  Do you have pets that smell no matter how often you bathe them?  You may  have pet odor that is embedded deep within the fibers of your carpet and upholstery. Pet odor can be caused from a number of things Some pets have a natural odor that will never leave no matter how often they are shampooed or bathed.  Other pets have accidents due to old age or weak bladders.  No matter what the cause, pet...

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Finding the Right Carpet Cleaning Company in New York

Just like with any service that you receive, you’ll find that different carpet cleaningservices offer different levels of service. What’s more, you’ll find that some Carpet CleaningNew York companies are simply better than others. That’s why it’s important that you know what to look for so that you can determine what a good company is versus a bad or mediocre company. The Right Carpet Cleaning Company Length of time in business – The length of time a carpet cleaning company...

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It Is The Perfect Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Spring Officially Arrives: It Is The Perfect Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned Carpet cleaning is one of the most daunting tasks. There is especially a lot to do if there is wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, and only a carpet cleaning service is equipped to handle such a job. Offices and homes that use carpets for a wide area require thorough cleaning frequently to keep the environment safe and clean for both kids and adults. How Often do Carpets Require Cleaning? Carpets are notorious for...

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