The key to successful pet odor removal

» The key to successful pet odor removal

From pet carpet stain removers to concentrated odor eliminators, for over 10 years, York Carpet Cleaning, has been helping pet owners to care for their pets and freshen their homes.

Here’s a brief explanation as to the procedure our trained technicians would use in your home to take care of pet odor:

  • First, the areas of urine contamination must be identified. We can use several different inspection tools to identify the areas of urine contamination.
  • Second, the urine must be treated with a special urine pre-treatment to break the bonding so that when the carpet is cleaned much of the urine can be extracted.
  • Thirdly, the areas of urine contamination must be treated with enzyme injections that attack the urine at the molecular level to actually eat the remaining urine. When this procedure is followed excellent results can be achieved.

Our treatment contains enzyme-producing bacteria that digest organic waste matter, destroying urine odors at their source for permanent odor removal. Plus, it withstands high temperatures and pH without losing its effectiveness.


The Un-Duz-It Consumer Kit – Pet Odor and Stain Remover System
ProfessionalStrength Formula


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